Home Loans

Whether you are looking to buy your first home, move home, refinance, or invest in property, Shogun Finance has you covered!

  • We have access to hundreds of loans from a panel of lenders including the big banks
  • Our Brokers will help you choose the right home loan for your needs

Expert advice for first home buyers

Taking the first step towards owning your own home is both exciting and a little overwhelming. Shogun Finance can take the stress out of the process with expert advice and support.


Your next home purchase

Are you looking to sell your current home and purchase one that's a little further up the property ladder? There can be a raft of good reasons for upgrading. As the kids get bigger you may need more space. You may be hoping to secure a better location. You may be keen to trade up from an apartment to a house. Whatever your reason for upgrading, it’s important to think through the financial aspects.


Our team of qualified and experienced Brokers can assist you with all your home loan needs. We will support you all the way through the process and beyond. We have access to a variety of Lenders to ensure that there is a product to suit your needs.

Refinance your Home Loan

  • Unhappy with your current provider?
  • Require additional funds?
  • Require the correct loan structure?
  • Want to reduce your current debt?

Did you know that even a small reduction in your interest rate can equate to big savings off the life of the loan? If you have an unreasonable rate and want to obtain a better interest rate with a lower monthly repayment, we can refinance your home loan for you. Your needs change all the time so your current home loan may no longer suit those needs. If you've thought about looking for another home loan but thought that refinancing just sounded too hard? Think again.


Here are some great reasons to make the switch:

  • Lower your monthly payment
  • Build equity in your home faster
  • Change your type of loan to something more convenient and flexible
  • Manage your credit effectively
  • Access equity in your home for investment

Start Your Home Loan Refinance today!

Our team works to find the right refinancing program for your home and situation. Our priority is to find you a better place so that you can manage your finances more effectively.